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Предлагаю вашему вниманию подборку коротких видео на основе новостей BBC и CNN, собранную мной после 20 декабря 2020 года. Она приведена после этого моего маленького пособия на основе песни группы Queen:

Если рождественская тематика вам интересна, дайте мне об этом знать. В предлагаемых ниже видео много идиом и интересных слов. Enjoy!

Anyone in the UK who has been in South Africa in the past fortnight and anyone who is a close contact of someone who has been in South Africa in the last fortnight must quarantine immediately.
And her look really did transcend trends, it transceded sort of fads  and what sort of designers and, and um... retailers flocked to over time. And she always seemed relevant. 
"We're watching a petulant child not getting his way throw a tantrum." The problem here is that tantrum could have grave national security consequences for the country.
Three billion dollars on pandemic preparedness sounds like a lot of money, but it's peanuts, it's nothing compared to the costs of Covid-19 - the trillions of dollars that this pandemic is costing governments and economies around the world.
One of the core challenges, though, is when governments do have success in cutting back on this trade, the products become more rare and more sought-after. So, It's very hard to get it right without adressing why people want them in the first place, isn't it? - It is hard to get it right, it certainly is. And it's important to recognize that there are at least two forms of demand on the wild animals that sometimes carry viruses to humans. One of those is subsistence demand. People in forrestal areas in villages in Central Africa... they need protein. And they may not have access to any form of protein except wildlife. I live in Montana. We have wildlife here too. We call it game - dear and elk. But when people in Africa do it we call it bush meat.
But in order to get across, they will have to have a negative test result within the past 72 hours before departure. Rapid lateral flow tests will be given to drivers which can give results in 30 minutes. If it is positive, they will be asked to isolate in local hotels. 
His daughter Bonnie says he was a voracious reader and historian and an avid do-it- yourselfer whose creativity amazed his family.
... was funny, opinionated and never hesitated to help someone in need.
But here is the real indignation, and you should be indignant. In fact, I argue to you, my brothers and sisters, you must be indignant because you must be angered by what is unfair in all of this. If you want anything to change, you have to include that kind of response. The indignation here is not just the delay, but why it was delayed, and what was bargained for. Tax breaks for CEOs, the so-called three- martini lunch thing, reining in Federal Reserve's ability to boost an economy, protection for companies from lawsuits by sick workers. That was the reason for the delay. Democrats were forced to give in on some of it. GOP demands so big business can write off some hoity-toity lunch? That's the three-martini thing that likely will cost more than $600 a pop, those big lunches? Republicans used the three-martini lunch as leverage against tax credits for needy families. Seriously? You don't get the lunch thing you won't give us the tax credits? "Well you don't like the lunch, and we don't like the tax credits," and you're OK with that? Americans are starving and waiting in food lines all across the country, and that's what they balance against, martinis or families get less money? Are you serious? Liability protections for corporations, where are the lawsuits? "Oh, there are like 1,500." We don't know that there is any abuse. That's what held it up for months. And that is an untold part of this story, my Christmas gift to you. You're going to hear "Nancy Pelosi, man, she got giving this bill there. It was like $2 trillion, $1.8 trillion, it was never enough. That's why it got delayed." BS! She never got a version of this bill. There were never any negotiations where that corporate liability wasn't in it until just now at the end. Just now at the end. Now, fair criticism, why didn't the Democrats point this out more and better? Where was their indignation? I think that's a fair question. I mean, they weren't the source of the problem, but they could have rang the bell a little bit louder, you know? Republican Senator Toomey, him doing this, "Well, I really got to have the Federal Reserve be able to rein in the lending powers, you know?" Why? Why now? Why now? What the hell does that have to do with the pandemic? Now, why am I saying this? Where is the - where is Crenshaw in the House? Rubio and Cruz, all these other Trump wannabes, and patriots, why, why didn't they, speak up about these things? How could any of that stuff hold up in a crisis? How could these men and women say nothing? You must be indignant. Never forget these people. Never reward them for what they did and didn't do during this time, because this is crazy. It's like saying in the middle of a war, "We've got to meet and authorize this," wouldn't that be nice, by the way? How many conflicts? How many of our men and women go to die? We don't even have Congress to vote on it, the cowards! But let's say they did. And in the middle of that negotiation, one side stands up and says, "All right, we got it all done, but we got to get a tax deduction for Bentley's." "Why? We're going to war." "Yes, I know. But I need it." That's what's happening right now in the middle of an emergency. The country is burning down. Why aren't they in a rush to put out the fire? Why did this take months? I'm telling you, I'm putting it on you. I know it's them. I know it's them. They're not going to change without you. I know you get that. You have to expect better. I know why you don't, OK? You don't expect better because you've watched it get worse and worse. And it hurts. It hurts to be disappointed, to feel disenfranchised, to be made the fool by these people. You decide to just not pay attention to them in their power place. I get it. But what's happened? The lower we let the bar get, the worse it has gotten. Be indignant. Echo our calls for accountability. When someone gets called out, for doing something wrong, be all over them. You're dying for a reason to be loud and proud on social media, use that, and in social settings as well, OK? Instead of fighting over stupid things with people, find these areas of agreement, and outrage about what took so long.

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