Modern manners B1

The module is designed to expand the topical vocabulary of Manners and practice speaking skills both in class \group conversations and individually.


In this module we will talk about (im)polite social behaviour

Warm up discussing the questions:

  1. Is it old fashioned to worry about social rules?
  2. Which social rules would you like to change? Which are the stupidiest?
  3. Is it ok to tell a little lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings?
  4. Do you have good manners?

1.Have a look at the list of useful expressions that you will need while describing people's manners of behaviour. Check their meanings.Then underline 3 that can be used to describe polite behavior.

·        It’s disrespectful                              it creates good impression

·        It’s inconsiderate                             it’s over the top

·        It’s a way of showing respect to      it might make other people feel awkward

·        It’s revolting                                    it’s overly familiar

·        It’s considered gentlemanly             it’s sexist

·        It’s not the done thing                      it’s a real turn-off

·        It’s unhygienic                                 it might seem pushy

·        It might be offensive to                    it could be misinterpreted

·        It’s completely taboo

Drill your own pronunciation of these phrases in the sector of Cards of the module.

2.Work in groups and practice the new phrases in the suggested situations\ context below to react on rude manners of people like this:

When I meet rude people..

I ignore them \ I pretend not to see them\ I tell them to stop\ I give them the" evil eye"

  • when someone cuts in line
  • when someone uses the cell phone in the cinema\theatre
  • when someone spits on the street
  • when someone swears in public
  • when someone smokes
  • when someone throws garbage on the street
  • when someone pushes me in a crowd
  • when someone stares at me
  • when someone talks loudly in the library\ public transport
  • when someone teases me

3.Before watching the video " 10 Modern manner mistakes" look through the list of useful expressions from it and check their meanings ( they are enumerated in the order they follow in the video):


Do a fist bump

It makes you look like a fool

To leverage style as a weapon to get what you want

To have face to face meetings \ to engage face to face with people

To re-improve upon bad impression


To give ( phone) a higher priority than …        

It drives me nuts

Take a random call coming in

Turn it on silent\off

Keep the call brief


Say something in person

Post things that are hateful

Bonded vs alienated people

To unfriend each other


 flip on good manners \ you can’ just flip on switch

Habit will always sabotage you

To pick one’s nose


have the courtesy to (send message)

I can(not) put up with it to a point

To build a reputation as somebody that…

Treat it with respect


To be aware of the environment \ situational awareness

To be buried in your own personal environment

To push and dismiss what other person contributed


 to spout things

Interrupt \ To step over people

To lose credibility and respect


 Overuse foul language

Not to have a super lexicon

Occasional use of cursory word

To be able to drive home and catch attention

It’ll turn you off

To make quick judgment about people


 to live up to your expectations

Put yourself in other people’s shoes

Chew out


 go out of your way to be nice to (show respect)

Now watch the video, make notes of the mistakes tittles, then pick up few of them ( most relevant to your experience) and discuss them in groups\ pairs.


  Drill some phrases from the video in the section of Exercises in the module.

 4.   Read the text and work in groups discussing the questions.

1.     What is Fowey Community school doing?

2.     What do you think of the idea?

3.     Do you know of anything similar in schools in your country?

   Write and tell about 6 things you were taught about good and bad manners by your parents \ at school, Compare your list with different students.

5.Social behavior varies in different situations. Read the list and decide:

  •  Which of these are never\ always acceptable
  • Which depends on people’s ages or social context ( at work, with friends)
  •   Which is the right way to behave in these situations

Explain your opinions using the new phrases.


6.Manners and politeness IDIOMS

Match the idioms with their meaning below

  1.    Pardon my English
  2.      Watch your language
  3.       Mind your Ps and Qs
  4.     The done thing
  5.    Gatecrash


·       Don't use swear words

·       The correct way to behave

·       Sorry for my bad language

·       To come to a party uninvited

·       Be careful with how you behave

 Watch, listen and practice saying some idioms

Watch your language
Watch your language morons!
That's Ps and Qs. - I didn't know that
So 'Mind your Ps and Qs" means watch your alcohol consumption
Специализируемся на развитии навыков говорения и понимания реальной речи на слух. Используем только оригинальные материалы.