Types of terrorism


Types of Terrorism

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) categorizes terrorism in the United States as one of two types -- domestic terrorism or international terrorism.

  1. Domestic terrorism involves groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are directed at elements of our government or population without foreign direction.
  2. International (or Global) terrorism involves groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are foreign-based and/or directed by countries or groups outside the United States or whose activities transcend national boundaries.

1 Domestic terrorism

Listen and answer to the question: who is the biggest source of the domestic terrorism?

Why does domestic terrorism exist in the USA? Here is the answer:

You will hear a new word. Which one?

After Boston what are you worried about? Could this be the future of domestic terrorism? – Well,you always worry about copycats. You know, more and more people are gonna be using this.

2 International (or Global) Terrorism

Since when have we had an international concern about terrorism?


The Bombing of the King David Hotel

On July 22 1946 an armed Jewish group opposed to British rule in Palestine attacked the hotel in Jerusalem where the British had their headquarters.

91 people were killed in the bombing, dozens of others were injured. 

While there is other division.

Different types of terrorism have been defined by lawmakers, security professionals, and scholars. Types differ according to what kind of attack agents an attacker uses (biological, for example) or by what they are trying to defend (as in Eco terrorism). So they speak about:

The United States has also been called a terrorist. We can find some evidences. For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified, for the first time in her tenure, before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State Department and Foreign Operations in 2009.

What were the reasons?

So what is cyber-terrorism?

Here is the answer:

Noam Chomsky is one of the superstars of the intellectual world; a prolific author and self-proclaimed anarchist, who, at the age of 86 still doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He still rails against a whole host of perceived injustices, with the West generally in his line of fire. And he says: "US is world's biggest terrorist."

Isabelle Kumar: “Welll you see, That’s brings me to the point of terrorism then. Because that is really a global blight and some, I think including yourself, will say that this is blowback for US terrorist policy around the world. How far is the US and its allies responsible for what we’re seeing now in terms of the terrorist attacks around the world?”

Noam Chomsky: “Remember the worst terrorist campaign in the world right now by far is the one that’s being orchestrated in Washington. That’s the global assassination campaign. There’s never been a terrorist campaign of that scale.”

Isabelle Kumar: “When you say global assassination campaign…?”

Noam Chomsky: “The drone campaign – that’s exactly what it is. Over large parts of the world, the United States is systematically, publically, openly – there’s nothing secret about what I’m saying, we all know it – it’s carrying out regular campaigns to assassinate people who the US government suspects of intending to harm us someday. And indeed it is, as you mentioned, a terror generated campaign, and when you bomb a village in Yemen, say, and you kill somebody – maybe the person you were aiming at or maybe not – and other people who happened to be in the neighbourhood – how do you think people are going to react? They’re going to take revenge.”

Some questions for you to answer

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