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City of Ember

В одном из предыдущих модулей оптимистический сценарий восстановления цивилизации после глобального катаклизма содержал следующие слова: Technology will soon develop once again allowing people to open up the enclaves... Our blue planet will recover from the cataclysm, as it has done so often in the course of its history. В 2008 году был создан американский science fiction фильм под названием City Of Ember – попытка соединить «апокалиптику» с юмором и сатирой. Он как раз о упомянутом выше «анклаве», только под землей. Правда, неясно, что заставило человечество создать секретный подземный город, в котором смогли вырасти поколения, которые никогда не видели солнца…

Фильм, конечно, больше для детей и подростков, но изучающие чужой язык находятся примерно на таком же уровне. Поэтому вы получите не только удовольствие, но и набор полезных слов и фраз. Вы, конечно, знаете, что amber – это «янтарь»: amber is a particular type of fossil, composed of tree resin. А что такое “ember”? Начнем с того, что фильм основан на книге Джин Дюпро The People of Sparks.  Ember – это больше, что «искра»: a glowing fragment from a fire; especially: one smoldering in ashes. Примеры использования слова:

Embers still smoldering on the bridge that became a battleground. - All of these embers fly towards the houses that haven't burned yet.
On the day the world ended, the fate of mankind was carried in a small metal box
 In a secret location, architects, scientists and engineers met and concluded that there was only one hope for the future: to build an underground city designed to keep its citizens protected for generations to come. 
Secure the box. Set it for 200 years. We'll keep them in the city for 200 years. - You're certain that'll be long enough? - None of us can be certain of anything. We can hope. Growing up with no knowledge of a world outside... future generations will be spared sorrow for what they've lost. For the good of all mankind.
The box was entrusted to the first mayor who was to pass it on to her successor. As the years counted down... the box passed from mayor to mayor. None knew what secrets it held... only that it would open when it was needed most.
But fate ran another course... and the chain was broken. The box was tucked away and forgotten ... and as the city grew old and began to crumble... the box quietly clicked open.
- Dad, do you hear that?
- Uh, hurry up. You don't wanna be late.
- I am hurrying.
- I'm proud of you, Son. Today's a big day.
- Yeah. I just hope I don't get assigned some useless job.
- You can't control what job you get on Assignment Day. That's not the point.
The important thing is to do ... 
- two, three, four... five, six, seven, eight  - They're getting longer. - That one was. - Yeah, and it's the third one this week. The Generator's our only source of power. - If it goes - we all go. - That's dramatic. - Dad, this place is falling apart. No, I will not just sit around while Ember collapses. I'm getting into that Generator, whatever it takes.
Congratulations..on achieving this momentous occasion: your Assignment Day.
- We swear - Eternal loyalty to our city. We declare our infinite gratitude to the Builders... who chose this site with the greatest care. We flourish above our mighty flowing river. We thrive thanks to the unbounded capacity of our mighty Generator... beating at our very center like a magnificent heart. Beyond Ember, the darkness goes on forever in all directions. Ours is the only light in a dark world.
- Be the first to discover your future. Reach in, young man. Read it aloud. - Electrician's Helper. I get to work in the Generator. - Timekeeper's Assistant. - You get to work with clocks. - Building Repair Assistant. - They have a lot of fun. - Greenhouse Helper. - That-a girl. - Potato Peeler. - You're gonna come in handy. - Warehouse Clerk. - A vital job. Pick one, young lady. - Pipeworks? - Louder, so we can all hear. - I'm a Pipeworks Laborer. - You're a very fortunate girl. That is an important job.
- Mold Scraper. - We got a Mold Scraper. Great. - Messenger. - Lina. Trade with me. - What? - Swap jobs. Please. You have to. You wanna work in the Pipeworks? - No. I wanna be Electrician's Helper and work in the Generator, but Joss won't swap. I would rather die
than be a Messenger. I don't want to waste my time while the whole city crumble - Yes. -What? - Yes. - Thank you, Doon! - Thanks!
- It's for you. - Thank you. - I made it. - Yeah, I can tell. Uh, what's it for? - It's for your graduation. - I mean, what does it do? - You'll figure it out. There's more to a bottle cap than
keeping liquid from leaking out of glass. The main thing is, pay attention. Pay close attention to everything - everything you see. Notice what no one else notices... and you'll know what no one else knows. What you get is what you get. What you do with what you get- That's more the point. Wouldn't you say? - Really useful, Dad. - Don't you wanna eat? - I'm not hungry.
- It's beautiful. - Wear it proudly. Take care of it. Always keep it in good repair. - I will. - Your station is Garn Square. Stop! I need to tell you the rules. - One: When a customer gives you a message, repeat it back to make sure you've got it right. Two: Always wear the red cape so people can identify you. Three: Our customers pay 20 coins for every message no matter how far we have to carry it, so go fast. I love going fast. - Very good. I'm impressed. Now go!
- Thank you. - Now, this locker is yours. You can put in your shoes and whatnots. - All right? - Okay. All right. Try this. You've got a big head. Try this one. Oh, that fits. All right, now. Cut your name in there. - Why? - Why? In case something happens to ya. The guy who wore this helmet before you drowned. If he hadn't cut his name in there, we wouldn't have known who he was. Here. Use this. - The whole thing is rusted. - Yep. - You know, it ought to be replaced, Sul. - Yep. - So where do you store new pipe? - New pipe? We haven't had new pipe... since my second decade here. Yeah. We've been patchin' so long, we have more patches than pipe. Here, hold that. Attaboy. That's good. Round and round we go. There. All right, we'll check it. Squeeze it. Is it holdin'? Uh, so far. So far? So far is so good. Oh. - What's gonna happen? - Same as always. - What's that? - We'll cope. But what about the blackouts? They're getting worse.  - They're-They're-They're- - Slow down, kid. You have to learn to take things as they come.
These are trying and troubled times. Our problems are grave. We need answers. But beyond answers - more important than answers we need solutions. - Mm-hmm. - Yeah. And in order to find those solutions. I propose we launch a thorough investigation. - Yes. Yes. - I hereby declare the creation of a task force to investigate the blackouts. Do I have volunteers? Today we, the people stand united against the darkness.
Here it is again,  the moment in the year, when we pause to celebrate our fair city. This beacon of light... in a world of darkness. This miracle of planning... this magnificent achievement... that is our city of Ember.
#This is all we know #
# Ember is forever #
#When the light comes on #
# I will be with you #
#When the light comes on #  
# Hope is everlasting # - They started singing.



Знаете, почему изучение языка – бесконечный процесс? Одна из причин в том, что слова могут иметь много оттенков. Например, flame – это «пламя», а old flame – это «бывшая любовница».

He wasn't alone, He wasn't alone. Some beauty hung onto his arm. I shouldn't need to be alarmed, no. He's done it before, Yes he's done it before. Where and how? I don't want to know. You think she's one of his old flames. Some fiery-looking kind of dame…

Точно так же embers может относиться, например, к увядающим ярким воспоминаниям. Но вы должны не бояться разнообразия языка, а ценить его краски, которые помогают запоминать новое. Для этого вы должны быть любопытны, научиться задавать вопросы. Например, поинтересоваться тем, может ли быть мужчина в роли “old flame”? Ответ в этой старой песне:

My old flame, I can't even think of his name. But it's funny now and then. How my thoughts go flashing back again to my old flame. My old flame. My new lovers all seem so tame. For I haven't met a gent so magnificent or elegant as my old flame.

Впрочем, можно было с самого начала поинтересоваться толкованием фразы в словаре:person that you loved or had a sexual relationship with in the past Кроме того, еще нужно уметь сомневаться: а не устарела ли эта идиома? И находить ответы:

В модуле было много пепла и искр. Вы никогда не задумывались, почему Cinderella вдруг стала в русской сказке Золушкой? Любопытные сами найдут ответ. Небольшой секрет: только любопытные смогут овладеть английским. Три цитаты из фильма City of Ember:

Было бы излишне требовать от вас любви к этому фильму, обвиняя в отсутствии любопытства. Все эти три цитаты взяты из фрагментов фильма, которых в модуле нет. Но нужно хотя бы поинтересоваться источником цитат. Есть сайт «гнилые помидоры», на которых вы найдете много полезной и интересной информации о любимых фильмах: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/

Специализируемся на развитии навыков говорения и понимания реальной речи на слух. Используем только оригинальные материалы.