Пробный модуль Лиленко

Модуль "Student life", уровень В1-В2


Student life is golden life.

It’s not a secret – student life is the happiest period in a person’s life. More opportunities, less responsibilities. Mind full of ideas, eyes full of dreams. You gain knowledge, your character gets formed.

There is a quotation by Mortimer Adler dedicated to this wonderful period. To what extent do you agree with these words? Share your ideas.


Read the following passage. What is it about? What in your opinion the whole text is dedicated to? Make a list of points that may be discussed in this article.

Read the second part of the text and check your ideas.

Do you agree with the ideas described? To what extent?

Read the final part.

Make a list of hardships and opportunities the student life possesses. Discuss the points mentioned with your group mates. Share your experience.


Being a student you enjoy new routines that can make you especially productive. So if you plan your time wisely you’ll benefit from all the student life gives you.

Let’s have an insider look into a day of Josh, a Harvard University student, from alarm clock, to hitting the pillow.

Part 1. 

Explain the meaning of the following words:

1)   a whiteboard wall;

2)   locals;

3)   a pothole;

4)   to commute through the city;

5)   giant;

6)   to salute;

7)   a campus;

8)   team-building exercises;

9)   a good listener;

10)                     to hunker down.


1)   It just works for me.

2)   I center myself with a Tai Chi practice.

3)   I’ve got a mountain of reading to do today.

4)   without a doubt;

5)   to hit pedestrians;

6)   to take a second to do something;

7)   to do well;

8)   from time to time;

9)   I was literally freaking out;

10)                     Check this out.

Josh is no doubt an early riser.

Benjamin Franklin once said: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Comment upon the quote. Are you an early bird or a night person?

Do you agree that the earlier you wake up the more productive your day will be?

Part 2.

Make sentences with the following words and phrases:

1)   to be always packed with students;

2)   to head for;

3)   to swim a few laps in the pool;

4)   to fight for time to do something;

5)   to make something a priority.

Give definitions to the following words:

1)   current student;

2)   alumni;

3)   community;

4)   pre-ideas.

Tell about the campus of your university. What does it provide? What does it lack?

Write down some recommendations for the university authorities. Be honest and thoughtful. What can you bring to the table?

Part 3.

What is according to the video the meaning of the term “orientation”. Try to explain and compare with your own experience. Is there a similar practice in your university?

They say one of the most important things in student life is “networking” or making useful connections. Do you agree? Describe the community of your university. What activities do you take part in?

Useful vocabularies:

1)   to access the resources of

2)   invaluable

3)   to take advantage of

4)   to be a part of some community

5)   venture

6)   obviously

7)   a zest for life

8)   a privilege to do something

9)   every single day

10)                     to decompress and think


Read the post from local students’ forum. What does Tony want to know? 

Comment upon the answer given. Can Tony be satisfied with it?

Did you have similar questions while choosing the university?

What would you answer if your friend asked you the same question about the university you study at? Write a mail of 100-150 words.

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