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Si-Fi movies

Для того, чтобы раскрыть эту тему вместе с ее языковой спецификой нужен отдельный курс. Поэтому мы коснемся лишь нескольких фильмов. Как и в случае с анализом музыкальных произведений, мы опираемся не на вкусы создателей курса, а на тот факт, что мировые СМИ обращают на них внимание.

A man behind Alien, Gladiator, Bladerunner and so many other blockbusters.

Bladerunner мы уже немного изучили. Давайте немного коснемся фильма Avatar и его создателя. Легко ли быть режиссером лучших мировых шедевров?

I had to keep from putting a pistol in my mouth about 20 times during the making of this film. And it really -- you know, there were times when we really thought we were off course and we found out later that we weren't in as bad shape as we thought. But, you know, that's the nature of an experimental project. It was like the Lewis and Clark expedition - they kind of had a general idea where they were going, but they - they - there's no way you could have predicted all the little twists and turns in the river along the way.

Lewis and Clark в начале 19 века проехали через всю Северную Америку. Пройдемся немного по фильмам Джеймса Камерона и коснемся подробнее фильма Avatar:

Get away from her, you bitch. -  I'll be back. - Get out. -  Open your eyes. -  Those were clips from some of James Cameron's blockbusters, including "Aliens," which starred Sigourney Weaver. She's part of the cast of "Avatar," too. And I talked with her earlier today from Paris. Take a look.  Sigourney Weaver is in Paris. Your character, by the way, in this film is human, but also a Navi avatar. What was your reaction the first time you saw yourself...  That's right … Blue-skinned and alien-looking? How did you feel when you saw that? -  I realized I've never been tall enough. Ten feet is really the right size. But it - I think what - I think - I think it's a beautiful blue. And it's - it's fascinating to see your human self-transformed into this other being. It's - I - I'm not quite used to it yet, because my avatar looks a lot like me and I haven't quite gotten used to that yet. It still amazes me, really. -  Are you surprised at its success? -  You know, I have to say, I - you can never underestimate Jim Cameron. But also, when I read the script, which was in 2006, I thought it was the most ambitious script I've ever read. It totally took me to another world, which I think moviegoers adore. And the story was such a classic story of this young man who - who finds a new life - finds something to fight for. Several of us have double lives. You know, we - we - we have our human lives and then we have our lives on Pandora as our avatars. So there were so many fantastic ingredients in the story that I really thought it would be tremendously successful, especially in the hands of Jim Cameron.

Как вы думаете, Avatar – красивая сказка вне политики? Есть такая критика фильма: From its portrayal of the corporation that wants to take over the natural resources on the planet Pandora -- a not-so-subtle allusion to the likes of Halliburton and defense contractor Blackwater…

Критики обвиняли режиссера в антиамериканизме, да и сам Камерон сказал в интервью NBC: The movie is about how greed and imperialism tend to destroy the environment, in this case the pristine Pandora. It's a way of looking back at ourselves from this other world, seeing what we're doing here."

Рекомендуем самим посмотреть про Halliburton и Blackwater.

Двигаемся в сторону более «свежих», но и более примитивных шедевров кинематографа – The Shape of Water.

For Guillermo Del Toro the Oscars provided the great night- not only did his The Shape of Water win the top Best picture trophy but he also won for best director. So let’s hear from the man himself and take a look at his Oscar-winning picture in greater depth. - “If it told you about her, the princess without voice, what would I say?” The Shape of Water is setting Baltimore in 1962, much of the action taking place in a top-secret government laboratory where a mute cleaning lady, played by Sally Hawkins, falls in love with an aquatic creature from South America being held in captivity of the facility. Part of the reason for the film’s Oscars successes is its ambition – it rolls many different genres: fantasy, horror, cold war, noir thriller, science fiction.  Guillermo Del Toro welcomed the challenge of bringing it all together. - I thought the movie could be very risky because it combines comedy, melodrama, musical, thriller, creature feature, you know, is all these things at the same time and I thought: well, that’s difficult but that’s why you should make it. - Inspiration for The Shape of Water came from the 1954 film “Creature from the black lagoon” – part of del Toro’s childhood memories. That movie had an amphibious humanoid monster. The director wanted his monster to be a more developed, multidimensional being. - The Shape of Water provides the critique of militaristic cold-war-era America and its patriarchal culture which is seen to marginalize women, African-Americans and gay people. By contrast Del Toro has put together a very inclusive work.

Ю.Латынина так описала этот «шедевр»

Конечно, понятно, что это страшно ухудшенная копия «Аватара», но просто «Аватар» — гениальный фильм. А дефиниция гениального фильма – это когда тебе нафиг неважно, вообще, какая философия у этого фильма: ты смотришь, открыв рот, обо всем забываешь. Соответственно, «Аватар» — гениальный фильм, который собрал три «ярда» в прокате. Вот эта унылая, политкорректная история, она собрала 100 миллионов. Если интересно, то послушайте ее интервью на русском языке:

Выше упомянут фильм Alien. Их было много. Самым неудачным считается Alien 3, но именно этот фильм интереснее других из этой серии с точки зрения изучения английского языка. Рассмотрим несколько видеосюжетов, в которых (предупреждаем!) много ненормативной лексики. Никакого глубокого содержания в фильме нет, но диалоги (и даже монологи) стоят того, чтобы с ними познакомиться:

Здесь нужно обязательно знать аббревиатуру ASAP (as soon as possible) и желательно EEV (emergency escape vehicle).

Специализируемся на развитии навыков говорения и понимания реальной речи на слух. Используем только оригинальные материалы.