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В этом модуле мы расшифруем аббревиатуру ASAP и поговорим о рэпере A$AP Rocky.

Аббревиатуры – многозначны, поэтому их расшифровка зависит от контекста:

Наиболее распространенное значение ASAP - as soon as possible, ("как можно скорее"):

And I take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed ASAP

В сценическом псевдониме известного американского рэпера A$AP Rocky тоже есть ASAP, только в этом случае его рэп ник-нейм означает следующее: 

 (30 июня 2019 года) A$AP Rocky был задержан за массовую драку в Швеции. В поддержку музыканта выступил сам президент США - Дональд Трамп, который предложил собственной персоной внести за рэпера Rocky досудебный залог:

The US President is trying to get an American rapper, A$AP Rocky, out of the Swedish jail. Yeah, however Sweden’s Prime Minister told Mr. Trump that Swedish court system is completely independent and won’t be swayed by outside pressure. Melissa Bell explains what the US President is up against. FREE A$AP ROCKY A$AP. This sign just outside the Stockholm remand prison - the only indication of the controversy of the American rapper, currently being held inside. On Friday the American President weighed in. I personally don’t know A$AP ROCKY, but I can tell you that he has tremendous support from the African American community. A$AP’s more than ten millions followers haven’t heard from the man himself in nearly three weeks ever since he was jailed in Sweden on suspicion of assault in connection with a brawl on June 30ts. These were the images posted by TMZ that appeared to show A$AP Rocky caught up in a street fight. Other videos posted by the rapper on his Instagram paint a different picture, one of harassment.

A$AP ROCKY не мог быть отпущен под залог, т.к. такой меры пресечения в Швеции просто не существует. 

Both sides are now being investigated although the Swedish man allegedly involved remains free since the judiciary does not consider him a flight risk. A$AP Rocky on the other hand learned on Friday that he would remain in custody whilst the prosecutor continues to investigate claiming that he does present a flight risk. Afterwards, the rapper's lawyer told journalists that the prosecutor's decision was unfair but expected and that his client is innocent adding that he believed he was assaulted and acted in self-defense. A$AP Rocky's lawyer and his media representatives have not responded to CNN for comment. On Saturday the American president tweeted that he had been in touch with the Swedish prime minister saying that A$AP was not a flight risk and offering to personally vouch for his bail. But that is not how things work in Sweden. 

В день, когда A$AP Rocky вышел на свободу, Дональд Трамп отметил в своем блоге в Twitter, что A$AP Rocky возвращается домой. Трамп обыграл сценическое имя рэпера, добавив аббревиатуру ASAP (означающую “as soon as possible”, а может быть даже “as safe as possible”):

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