University traditions

University traditions (ТГУ)


University traditions

In this Module we are going to represent several videos about university traditions in TSU as well as in other educational institutions worldwide. Enjoy the videos and think about what ideas are expressed in them.

First of all, think about what traditions are

Tradition is a common way of doing things. It is something that many people do, and have done for a long time. Usually, the people come from the same country, culture, or religion

Do you know why traditions are important?

What are some of the most important traditions of your country? Do you follow all of your country’s traditions? Do you remember any school traditions?

And what is the culture of a university?

Do you have any ideas?

If you’re still in doubt what to say, watch the video and try to understand what message the speaker wants to deliver.

We have a wonderful intellectual culture here at The University of Chicago.
We have faculty who are very ambitious. We have focus on ideas. We have a focus on debate.
We have a very low regard for disciplinarian and sub disciplinarian boundaries.
That's always been a hallmark of this place. um... What we've really needed is the ability to bring more people and more influences into those debates

Look through the text below. Why are traditions and values significant to the welfare of the institution? Can older institutions have stronger cultures?

 Each university has a unique and cherished culture. This culture is born from the institution's history and is steeped in tradition. ... A university's culture, tradition, and values are not only important, they are vital to the wellbeing of the institution because they provide stability and continuity.

Every university has a different culture because of the unique values and beliefs each community embodies. The more distinct or ingrained the culture is at an institution, the more “rich” it is. The researchers discovered the importance of culture as it relates to students’ identity development, learning, and experience. Older institutions tend to have stronger cultures. These older universities have an established values structure. In addition, they have established traditions contributing to the overall culture the community operates around.

3. Look at the highlighted words, do you know how to pronounce them correctly?

Watch the video and practice pronouncing  the following words in a right way.

The university has always kept its traditions and maintained high standards. The vigour of TSU may be judged by its commitment to research, this often takes the form of partnership with major international companies or of inter-institutional co-operation

The Library is the university’s pride and joy, ‘the book treasure house of Siberia’ and the heart of research activity. The library book collection totals about 4 million items including journals, maps, posters, newspapers, and other resources

Nature is a deep treasure-chest of mysteries

TSU prides itself on its tradition of personal contact between staff and students encouraged by its collegiate atmosphere

with this coach that I chose to become a collegiate strength conditioning
coach for my career

Every year the collection acquires almost 50 000 new items.  

That's a great opportunity to acquire an education

Watch the video about TSU and find the words that you can understand without translation. What do you call such words?

Tomsk State University, a national research university, founded in 1878, is one of Russia's leading classical high educational establishments
Its mission has always been to fulfill the ideals of science, education and culture on the huge territory of the Asiatic part of Russia
TSU is listed in the state's register of specially valued objects of cultural heritage
is home to three research institutes: the Siberian Botanical Garden, and a nationally renowned Research Library
Over 23,000 students are being educated at 23 faculties, institutes of TSU.
In 2010, Tomsk State University was awarded of the status - a National Research University, confirming its leading position in Russia and internationally.

Read the short texts about cultural traditions at TSU, think about what clubs/societies would you like to join?

1.TSU reflects increased expectations of higher educational institutions beyond mere academic instruction. It provides not only educational courses, but also promotes the cultural and moral development of students, as well as providing students opportunities to express themselves and to develop in their own ways. Encouragement of student clubs is one of the ways TSU supports broadening opportunities for student events and activities. Students often themselves organize their cultural events!

2.Students of TSU lead an active lifestyle: they go to concerts, attend festivals, competitions, sporting events, play in the student theatre...

Anyway, you will always be able to find something you like, be it sport, entertainment, or something creative.

3.TSU holds an annual festive procession in honor of the University’s birthday.  

The festival begins with the theatricalized procession of TSU students, alumni, and staff, continues with a concert dance programme "Happy Birthday, Alma Mater” and ends with fireworks. 

4.CCQW (Club of the Cheerful and Quick-Witted) teams “Lieutenant Schmidt’s Children” and “MaximuM” have encouraged TSU students to set up their own KVN comedy teams. Currently, new University teams "Dozhd'" and "Yevgen i Rebyata" participate actively in national KVN contests.  

5.During the Days of National Cultures students from different countries tell other students about their home country, its culture, traditions, and national cuisine. Such meetings broaden the students’ horizons and help them learn many fascinating new things.

6. The most memorable event in the life of any student is the initiation ceremony for freshmen and graduation day. The third year is when students celebrate their Equator, that is, the mid-point of their university studies. The event features concerts, skits, and jokes. 

As a rule, each university has its own amusing rituals for freshmen and graduates.

Now we are going to talk about some unusual, a sort of weird traditions existing in universities of the English speaking countries. Have you heard about any of these traditions ?

Watch Video 1 which is about Matriculation, a specific tradition surrounding Oxford exams. What does Matriculation mean?

What it is, is a day where you are officially enrolled to the University, so at Oxford it is the second weekend so you're you come to the end of week one, so you have fresher’s week which is week 0 week one sweet one and then the weekend at the end of week one is your matriculation day on the Saturday. You wear what's called sub busk, it's basically a specific attire, that's black and white, here's the photo you go to the Sheldonian theatre in a big procession, you have to go in pairs and this is after you've signed a book, so the first thing that happens on the day is you sign your name in a big book in the college like a record.

Have you understood what this tradition is? In the next video 2 you’ll learn what students of Oxford usually do during Matriculation.

The day the tradition is to just go to a field or a park like you would when you were younger and just drink,  no you don't have to not everyone does but that is the tradition, you just sit together as a cohort for your college and have a nice friendly day, and some people get drunk, other people don't,  no one really cares, it's just nice we played like games on the field there were some sports going on we're all bearing in mind in our special ye oldie gear outfits,  so you look weird, people taking photos of you all day I really enjoyed it!

Watch the next video about the tradition at University of Minnesota, what do you think throwing shoes in the shoe tree means?

What do you think throwing shoes in the shoe tree means?
-	I've heard that throwing shoes in the tree means that you've graduated.
-	When people graduate, it's like their last "hurrah", kind of. 

In the following video you’ll get to know about one of the students’ traditions at Stanford.

How do you find this tradition?

Another tradition you'll find at Stanford - primal scream. This is also a tradition at other schools for every night during dead week, the week before finals, when the clock strikes midnight,
students rise from their desks, walk over to the nearest window slowly open it up, stick their heads outside and just a little way to shake off the final stress.
And so, Band Run is one of those traditions. We have a program called Aztec Nights
and the first night in Aztec Nights there is called Templo Del Sol and it's their initiation into becoming an Aztec
and they teach them the traditions of the university (drumming)

Summing up…

Traditions and rituals can serve as a means by which students engage on campus and participate in a university’s community.

Universities around the world foster traditions and rituals in which students and staff may participate, and instill a sense that the university has valued, well-established traditions and rituals.

So, what did you learn about the traditions of TSU and other foreign institutions of higher education?

What things about keeping university traditions do you like?

What don’t you like? Why?

Find some interesting information about university traditions and present it in class.


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