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Listen to a famous cartoon character who quotes a well known phrase by Hippocrates.

You are what you eat, I said

Though this phrase was first said several centuries ago it is still relevant because life is impossible without food. Food is our primary source of energy, building material for our body and inspiration for our soul, one might say even national character. National character which is linked to national cuisine.

What makes national cuisine?

How are we able to recognise when we are eating Russian, English or Indian food?

One answer could be that some flavours evoke dishes from certain parts of the world. Many people might say that it is hardly fair to stereotype an entire national cuisine with a few basic ingredients.

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National dish is usually popular with residents and is a forming part of a country’s identity.This identity relies heavily on the availability of certain ingredients, for example, POTATOES for Russia,

They love potatoes there, especially in the winter, 'cos not a lot of stuff grows there. And so, yeah, we had a lot of potatoes. I remember our house lady for our apartmnet... she would come in with just these giant bags of potatoes, and just "Here you go girls!" And we just had popatoes for months in the winter

OATS for Great Britain

The growth and demand for oats is definitely a good news story. But it's impoprtant to keep in mind, when looking at oats relative to other grains, that the oat market is still much smaller than that for wheat or barley

and RICE for India.

Rice is one of the staple dishes in India. It's something you can find in every corner of the country. They have thousands of rice recepies with ingredient range from sesame seeds to shrimp, to tomatoes, to garlic, to anything you name it. It is a staple dish and something you can not get enough of.

Let's read, listen and speak more about Russian National Cuisine

It is Russian cuisine

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It is claimed in the article that traditional Russian dishes are nourishing and cooked of the cheapest and available ingredients. Vegetables, including potatoes, are the first to mention.

And what do Ameriacans, those who experienced Russian cuisine, think about it.

They eat a lot of grains, it’s funny ‘cause they’ll even eat a lot what we they call buckwheat, or we call a horse feed, you’ll eat that a lot. Everything is very natural and very healthy for you.

There are also some dishes that have the same international name but national coloring

When you hear the words pie or cakes in Russian they… they are not what you think of in America. You hear of cake in America and you think of moist..., like Angel food cake or whatever. In Russia, cake means a giant waffle cookie covered in chocolate and a pie is not what you have on Thanksgiving. It is a bread of bread fill…or bread filled with cabbage or meat.

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