00-50. Me too и феминизм

Me too, time's up, feminism, harassment.


Me too и феминизм

Мы уже обсудили судьбу голливудского деятеля Харви Вайнштейна. Помните ‘You hear the Jaws music when he walks through the door’? 2017-2018 годы породили новое движение

The ‘me too’ movement caught fire last year.

Разожгла этот «огонь» эта дама:

СМИ реагируют на это движение по-разному. В основном поддерживают, конечно. Но есть и те, кто подвергает сомнению использование слова ‘survivor’ в таких ситуациях:

- …using this word “survivor”. I just think it’s a highly inappropriate word to use here. You can say “victim”.  But “survivor” is somebody who has survived something that involves death. - You don’t know what she’s been through! - You don’t know what she’s been through! – All I’m questioning is the use of language here. It’s like… we use the “survivor” word in a very flip manner nowadays. And I think that should only be used when you’ve effectively survived something that is life-threatening. – You don’t know all. Until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes with probably high heels, you will never know what these women have gone through. I say this with the greatest of respect: as a white man you will not have experience what these women … - I’m saying that is just an inappropriate use of language.        - Why?! People should own that language! You know… if they feel comfortable saying that ... they might have gone through some absolutely horrific things that may have given them huge mental health issues. Maybe even make them thinking about harming themselves.- Absolutely. And they are victims. But to use the word “survivor” which is the word you normally use in a sort of some post life-threatening situations. - often rape victims call themselves “survivors”. - Yeah. But that’s not what she is talking about. - You don’t know. It is a whole continuum of things. – I’m just saying I would not use that word.  For rape I would use it, but for other things I would not.- Yes, of course, women have to own their own language, but white men have to be part of this discussion.

«Until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes with probably high heels» - чтобы понять эту фразу, посмотрите сначала смысл идиомы: https://www.englishpatient.org/share/idioms/to-walk-in-one's-shoes На самом деле, это часть пословицы


А сейчас познакомьтесь с довольно редким словом ‘to transgress’ (можно тут же забыть, правда):

- We are absolutely on the side of young women who have been transgressed. - But this doesn’t transgress against rule of law. We’ve just had a situation in this country where people try and do the right thing by the rule of law. And rapists get off.

‘to get off’ – в данном случае «избегают наказание, легко отделываются». Речь о том, что во многих случаях приставание к женщинам не лежит в области нарушения закона. Для этого употреблен глагол ‘to transgress’ – просто «нарушать закон», «выходить за рамки дозволенного». Правда, возможности этого глагола шире, чем, например, у фразы ‘to break the law’: women who have been transgressed…

In any society whether it’s the economy, whether it’s entertainment, whether it’s law, whether it’s business, whether it’s the justice system, women are discriminated against and women are just sick and tired of it. So many women…

Здесь обратите внимание на фразу ‘sick and tired’, а также на частицу «ли»…

And the most amazing unexpected outpouring of political activism you’ve got to give it to The Women’s March which fills streets across America.  - There were estimated like four million people that took part in The Women’s March and if you use Trump’s inauguration math that was like a hundred budgillion people. - Tell me what democracy looks like? - This is what democracy looks like! - They gather to protest unequal treatment, unequal rights, unequal pay and to share a message that resonated across generations. - It’s not women are better than men, it’s just we deserve the same pay for doing the same work which is a hundred percent valid. - This is a year of women really finding their voice and saying: we’re not gonna put up with this. It was one of the most powerful moments in my entire life.

Обратите внимание на идиому ‘to put up with’ (мириться с чем-либо).

В этом видео вы познакомитесь с реальным инициатором движения:

- Tonight the former TV anchor who blew the whistle of sexual harassment at Fox News. My conversation with Gretchen Carlson, on where the movement that she started is headed now. The MeToo Movement caught fire last year, but before MeToo there was Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News anchor made headlines a full year earlier, when she sued her former boss the powerful CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. The case was settled for twenty million dollars. Gretchen Carlson is with me now. Gretchen, welcome to the program. - Thank you for having me. - You are most welcome because this is a massive conversation and a movement that is really something at a delicate stage right now. Do you think that there is sort of a tipping point movement right now; sort of come to Jesus moment. How this is going to go forward. - So I’m calling it a cultural revolution and I don’t think we really put the jinnee back in the bottle at this point.  

Здесь интересны ‘Jesus moment’ (момент истины» и ‘jinnee in the bottle’ – что налицо влияние христианства и ислама на английский язык.

У движения за права женщин есть еще этот важнейший аспект:

В 2018 году был очень популярен слоган ‘time’s up’:

A virtually every person wearing black, virtually every every pair or person wearing that "time's up" pin 

Одной из активисток кампании не повезло с татуировщиком

Опра Уинфри – американская телеведущая – имеет все шансы стать следующим президентом. Мастер телевизионных шоу овладевает искусством политического влияния:

- I want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon! - Oprah Winfrey bringing the Golden Globe audience to its feet with an inspiring call to action. - When that new day finally dawns… I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they like my mother had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue. For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak the truth to the power of those men. But the time is up.

Есть, правда, и другие точки зрения на то, на чем должен фокусироваться кинематограф:

I understand why, I understand that in Hollywood everyone wants this kind of women’s agenda, Time’s Up, #MeToo, inclusion, you know, they really do. But, you know, The Oscars are supposed to be? They’re supposed to be an advertisement for the movies.

Обратите внимание на то, как произносится The Oscars! – THEE Oscars

Ну и полезно еще раз убедиться в том, что ‘supposed to’ – это фактически слово «должен».

Опра Уинфри делает упор на свободу СМИ, намекая на то, что при Трампе СМИ подвергаются нападкам:

Oprah’s also emphasizing the power of the free press to expose injustice. - We all know that the press is under siege these days. I want to say that I value the press more than ever before. - Oprah’s speech fueling speculation on social media about a potential 2020 presidential bid. Actors and actresses appearing the red carpet wearing black in solidarity. Many making a statement with pins reading “Time’s up”.  - These is a lot of wishful thinking going on, I’m seeing that from liberal commentators, from Hollywood celebrities who support democrats. But there is actually more than just wishful thinking going on as well, Meggie. There are some friends of Oprah Winfrey who’ve been encouraging her, urging her to run for president and I’m told she is really taking this seriously, she is thinking about…

Так что, поживем-увидим: remains to be seen.

Посмотрим теперь, как обстоят дела в других странах. Начнем с Франции:

Welcome back to the program. In both – Britain and France – the governments are being forced to clean up politics and beyond. Sexual misconduct and abuse are suddenly at the top of the agenda. In just a moment I’ll speak to the French minister for gender equality who’s calling for on-the-spot fines for sexual harasses and persistent catcallers on the streets. She says consent must be a red line. But first our Melissa Bell reports on a movement taking France by storm for the last several weeks. Hashtag outyourpig or balancetonporc. And as we mentioned earlier in the program the allegation by a French woman that threatens the career of the prominent Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan. - Though the hashtag may have varied from The US but the anger expressed has been universal. Women speaking out about harassment, sexual abuse and rape. In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s scandal in France the exposeyourpig hashtag has led women onto the streets and into action.
… countries women have been speaking out about specific allegations but also about the cultural problem that has allowed mеn to harass them with impunity.  In the worlds of business, fashion, cinema, journalism and politics. - Like Westminster France’s national assembly is now at the center of a great deal of a tension over sexual harassment allegations. As recently as July 2012 this minister was subject to catcalling. This for choosing on that summer day to wear a dress. Now Sandrine Rousseau, a former Green Party spokesman has decided to act. Last year she and several other women accused the vice-president of The National Assembly of sexual harassment.  Denis Baupin resigned although the case never made it to court. In the statement he called the allegations “defamatory and baseless lies”. He said he’d resigned to protect the reputation of Parliament and to defend himself launching slander proceedings against the women. - Sexual violence is an abuse power and the world of politics is a world of power. Specifically, a world of male power. 

Интересное слово – ‘catcalling’. 

А как обстоят дела в Японии?

A jaw-dropping outburst during this meeting of The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Visibly shaking, assembly member Ayako Shiamura struggles to keep her composure. Male members from an opposing party are heard hackling her off camera as she calls for more services for women. “You’d better get married quickly” – one man shouts. Shiamura says another yelled  “Can’t you even bear a child”.

Если хотите понять смысл глагола ‘to bear’ в этом смысле, то вспомните о том, что его третью форму вы уже используете – I was born. Обратите также внимание на фразу ‘jaw-dropping’ – ее в английском применяют часто.

Прекрасному (по-русски еще «слабому») полу приходится тяжело в самолетах:

A man arrested last week accused of fondling two female passengers on board of United Airlines’ flight from New York to Buffalo, NY. Katie Campos was one of them. - He grabbed my like upper-thigh like a crotch area and he grabbed it pretty forcefully. - A police report says that the man told the other woman he would like to kiss her, when she declined he started stroking her leg. The man now charged with disorderly conduct. United Airlines told CNN:  we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and our pilot requested that local law enforcement meet the aircraft on arrival. - Not enough for Campos who twitted “#dobetter #UniterAirlines”. She says, the flight attendant did not offer her to switch seats, she had to demand it. She was then placed directly behind the harasser. The airline says because there were few empty seats. The touching continued. -  At the end of the day they didn’t protect my safety or those around me and I don’t think that that is good excuse. - Like Campos these three women tell CNN they were sexually harassed or assaulted on commercial flights and all of them complained the flight crew did little or nothing to help. - He grabbed my arm and my side right under my left breast, right next to my left breast. - Ayanna Hart was on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Denver in May. She says the flight attendant was of no help. -  The flight attendant said: oh, don’t worry about him, he flies with us all the time, he’s Delta Platinum. - Hart has a pending lawsuit against Delta for failing to intervene and continuing to serve him alcohol. The airline would not comment on this case citing ‘pending allegation’, but said, it takes these incidents seriously and with law enforcement investigates them. - I was dozing off when I felt a hand in my crotch and realized that the man next to me was holding… was grabbing my crotch. - Allison Dvaladze filed the complaint with Delta after her flight from Seattle to Amsterdam.- There was not a clear procedure for what they should do. They asked me what I wanted them to do. A month later she received an e-mail saying: it’s not fair when one person’s behavior affects another and as a goodwill gesture offered her ten thousand miles. - If somebody reports a crime to an airline that it should be flagged, should not be treated as if it is a lost luggage.  The airline told CNN: we continue to be disheartened by the events Ms. Dvaladze described.
- At thousands of feet in the air you can’t call for help, you can’t remove the problem. Sarah Nelson is a president of one of the world’s largest flight attendant unions. - In my 22 years as a flight attendant I have never taken part in a conversation in the training or otherwise about how to handle ah .. sexual harassment or sexual assault. - The union surveyed nearly two thousand flight attendants. One out of five said they’ve received a report of a passenger’s sexual assault, but law enforcement was contacted less than half the time. CNN reached out to all of the major US airlines and the industry trade group that represents them. None agreed to go on camera but all released statements with a similar message: passenger’s safety and security is their priority and they say flight attendants are trained to handle these incidents. But none gave a detailed explanation of their policies or guidelines. New federal regulatory agency tracks how many midair sexual assaults happen nationwide, but the FBI does track how many it investigates.  Federal data shows a 66% increase from 2014 to 2017. The FBI says it’s unclear what’s behind the rise but what is clear for these women - flight crews need to do more because at thirty thousand feet there is no escape. Well, I want to thank all four women for sharing their stories with CNN. The four women in this piece say they want three things: one: flight crew should always separate the victim from the harasser. Two:  do not allow drunk people on flights. Alcohol played a role in a lot of these cases. And three: call law enforcement to report these cases upon landing every time. They also advise: try to avoid the middle or window seat if possible – sitting in the aisle allows for an easier getaway if necessary. We do want to point out several law makers have been pushing for legislation that would beef up flight crew training and mandate better tracking of these incidents.

Однако есть персоны, относящиеся к fair sex, но их невозможно обидеть в самолете

I want you to say: I did do it! - I love judo so much. I love everything that it has done for me.  So I took the life lessons from judo along with judo’s moral code and designed a program specifically for children. - It’s all about physical education, they’re learning to follow directions, they’re learning how to use their bodies differently, physically. The skills that she has taught them in just a few months is amazing. - Judo is an amazing sport. The core fundamental values of judo absolutely translate to usable life skills. The first one is definitely respect. - Let’s start off with a sign of respect for each other. - Number two is confidence. - Stand up nice and tall, shoulders back, feel confident. Ok?  So when I stepped into the real world where (the) my bosses gave me an incredible challenge to meet the president of a huge company and I was nervous, I remembered standing there saying: wait a minute, I got this. And it was the same feeling as walking into an arena filled with people.

Есть сильные женщины и в других областях:

So perhaps more prevalent than down here in the canyons of finance on Wall Street, where women have for many years complained of sexism, of harassment, there were many cases. But there is one woman who has fought against all that. And she was really at the forefront. And when we are talk about these women paving the way. This was an early trailblazer Muriel Siebert who changed how we thought about women of Wall Street. Have a look. For much of its 225-year history the New York Stock Exchange was a male-only bastion of influence and money. But that changed in 1967 when a woman named Muriel Siebert smashed the status quo by becoming the first woman to own a seat at The Exchange. –
One of my clients gave me the idea to buy the seat. And I said: Jerry, what large firm can I go to where l’lI be paid equally and he said: don’t be ridiculous, you won’t buy a seat, work for yourself! Siebert, who never officially graduated from college, became known as an expert analyst who dug deep into stock sectors that others ignored. - I was not loved down there but it … when the men got to know me I developed … I earned the respect. Jim McGuire whose father was a venture broker on the floor said Seibert had the raw talent to push past early bias. Rather than blend in Mickie, as her friends called her, chose to stand out wearing fur trading coats one of which is now enshrined in the boardroom The New York Stock Exchange named after her. - For Muriel Siebert to walk into an entirely male trading floor and say ‘I have the right to be here and you are gonna welcome me with open arms and then have them turned around and do it, I think is such an accomplishment.  And not just for Muriel but for women, you know, throughout the world. I started my career on the trading floor and I didn’t get a single thought to whether or not I should be allowed to be there. And I didn’t give that thought because Muriel already did it. Siebert’s vision extended beyond the exchange floor. In 1975 she started her own brokerage and was early to understand the importance of internet trading and discount brokerages. Those accomplishments over a 50-year career have prompted many to call her The First Lady of Wall Street. - I’m proudest of what I’ve done. I realized that life is not a dress rehearsal and that you make steps and when you believe in what you’re doing, you do it and you do it with pride.
Специализируемся на развитии навыков говорения и понимания реальной речи на слух. Используем только оригинальные материалы.