Пробный (Лемеш Екатерина) - expression of desire to travel



made us


to travel

The outbreak of coronavirus turned the world upside down.

Governments had to take measures to protect people's health. So they closed the borders to stop spreading of the virus.

Lockdown made every traveler feel trapped in a cage.

Our desire to travel the world has never been so strong.

2020 made us yearn to travel

To yearn is more than just having a desire

Check out the meaning given in Cambridge Dictionary:

There are three short videos which will help you to master the pronunciation of the word yearn

It's a piece that you just yearn to get to grips with because as a musician
Our freedoms and opportunities attract immigrants who "yearn to breathe free"
And I love that. I love that because I have the travelers itch, I have the wanderlust. I yearn for the holy other.

There are two more cool expressions in the last video!

Both of them are connected with our thirst for traveling.

Don’t get confused!

The phrase “Traveling itch” has a completely different meaning.

Check out Urban Dictionary to learn the difference.

Now check out the meaning of the second usefull phrase

  • have the wanderlust

In the next video, Tommy Hensel helps us to understand the concept of wanderlust. He tells us where this word comes from and explains to us his personal understanding of wanderlust.

You walk in, and you buy a ticket to someplace that you've never been before, without planning in advance.
You fly there, and you spend a week in a city that you've never visited before, and then you fly back home again.
So if that feels good to you, then you will certainly understand the concept of wanderlust, which is part of my talk today.
What is wanderlust?
All of that is the way that somebody might deal with wanderlust, and wanderlust is one of these awesome German hybrid words.
It comes from the German verb wandum, which means to wander, and the German word lust, which means passion.
So wanderlust means a passion for wandering
But for me, it's not just about travel. Wanderlust I think for everybody is more about a passion for experience, a passion for learning, a passion for newness, for actually gathering data.
So for me, the concept of wanderlust is not just about moving somewhere physically, but it's about gaining experience and learning new things.

What is another word for wanderlust?

restlessness, unsettledness, itchy feet,

travel bug, desire to travel, urge to travel

All right, my travel bugs,

let’s watch one more video and find a synonym for “want”, “hope” or “wish

I look at the departure monitors in the airport listing all those destinations. As Alain De Botton sites in his book The Art of Travel, we look upon those screens and we think to ourselves London, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Mozambique, South Africa, whatever it may be, it's anywhere else but here, right. We long to crossover, we long to experience, to take the trip, to take the journey.


We long to crossover, we long to experience, to take the trip, to take the journey

= We (want/hope/wish) to crossover, we (want/hope/wish) to experience (...)

Check out the definition and examples given in Macmillan dictionary

Our passion for traveling comes from nature,

we long to crossover,

we yearn for the next journey.

It’s hard to cope with a travelers’ itch during a stressful pandemic.

We long to find a way to feed our travel bug.

However, be cautious, travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19.

Staying home is the best way

to protect yourself and others from the virus.

Take care <3

Toodle-oo! Take care! Bye!
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