about face
ace in the hole
acid test
ad hoc
against all the odds
against the clock
ahead of the curve
ahead of the pack
all ears
all eyes are on
all for
all hell broke loose
all in all
an army marches on its stomach
appearances can be deceptive
around the clock
at any cost
at close quarters
at hand
at large
at a loss for words
at a moment's notice
at my alley
at odds
at sixes and sevens
at the end of the day
at the hat drop
at the heart of
at the helm
at the stroke of a pen
at the top of the tree
axe to grind
ayes have it
baby bust
back and forth
back burner
back on track
back-seat driver
backhanded compliment
bad apple
bad blood
bad bone
ball in the court
bang for the buck
banner year
bargaining chip
basket case
bat an eye
be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
bedside manner
behind bars
behind the scenes
believe it when see it
better late than never
beyond the call of duty
beyond the pale
blind date
blindingly clear
boots on the ground
bottom falls out
bottom line
brain drain
brain surgery
brave new world
break-neck pace
broad daylight
brown noser
brush with something
bucket list
budgie smugglers
but no cigar
butterflies in one's stomach
by a hair
can't stand
carrot and stick
cash on the nail
cat and mouse
change agent
charm offensive
child's play
choke artist
clarion call
clean slate
cleaning out the closet
cliff notes
close call
cold case
cold comfort
cold shoulder
cook the books
cop on the beat
crazy like a fox
cream of the crop
crush on
cry foul
crying shame
cup of tea
cut above
cutting edge
damned if you do damned if you don't
day in
day out
dead horse
dead set against something
death row
deep pockets
die is cast
down and out
down the line
dressed to the nines
drop in the bucket
déjà vu
eager beaver
egg on the face
elephant in the room
eleventh hour
end of the tunnel
every mother's son
every trick in the book
eye broccoli
fair and square
fair game
fair play
fair shake
fait accompli
family jewels
far and wide
far cry
fed up
a few apples short of a bushel
fig leaf
final nail in the coffin
first and foremost
flat out
flat tire
fly on the wall
fool's paradise
a foot in the door
for all intents and purposes
for crying out loud
for good
for what it's worth
foul play
friendly fire
fringe view
from dust to dust
from scratch
from the horse's mouth
front burner
full steam
game of chicken
glaringly obvious
glass ceiling
glimmer of hope
a golden goose
good riddance
goose bumps
growing pains
guinea pig
gut course
gut feeling
hair of the dog
hammer and sickle
have a green thumb
haves and the have-nots
having said that
head over heels
head screwed on one's shoulders
heart of the story
a hell of a (helluva)
hen party
here goes nothing
high and dry
high and low
high seas
high spirits
high street
horse trade
hot air
house call
humpty dumpty
hustle and bustle
icing on the cake
impending doom
in absentia
in all
in charge
in deadly earnest
in dire straits
in dribs and drabs
in droves
in full swing
in harm's way
in limbo
in a nutshell
in one's own right
in the first place
in the long run
in the pipeline
in the same breath
in the thick of something
in the zone
iron fist
it s not what you know but who you know
ivory tower
jet set
jigsaw puzzle
just one of those things
kernel of truth
keys of the kingdom
kindred spirit
knock out of the park
last bastion
last gasp
last resort
let alone
lickety split
lightning speed
like a fish out of water
lion's share
long haul
long shot
loose cannon
loose end
low blow
magic wand
make skin crawl
mano a mano
mea culpa
melting pot
middle ground
milk and cookies
mind boggling
mind over matter
miranda act
mixed fortune
monday-morning quarterback
much ado about nothing
naked eye
nearly fall off chair
neck and neck
a needle in a haystack
nest egg
new kid on the block
no frills
not a moment too soon
of sorts
of the first water
off limits
off the charts
off the scale
on bail
on hand
on one's toes
on pins and needles
on track
on the back foot
on the cards
on the cheap
on the doorstep
on the edge
on the house
on the line
on the prowl
on the sidelines
once and for all
one would give one's right arm
out of thin air
out of the blue
out of your hair
papa bear
pick up line
piece of cake
play hard ball
power broker
pretty penny
prying eye
quick buck
rags to riches
red tape
revolving door
ripple effect
roger that
roller coaster
runneth over
running water
saber rattling
sacrificial lamb
say when
scratch head one's head
sea change
ship of the desert
short of
a sight for sore eyes
silver bullet
silver lining
silver tongue
sitting duck
skin in the game
a sledgehammer to crack a nut
slice and dice
slings and arrows
slip of the tongue
smoking gun
snake charmer
soft touch
speak softly but carry a big stick
spitting image
spoils of war
square one
stag party
stand in the way
stiff upper lip
strike a chord with
sugar baby
sugar pill
swan song
swap meet
sweet tooth
take stock
take to the streets
tall order
tempest in a teacup
that’s the spirit
there is gold in them there hills
thick and fast
a thing of the past
thorn in the side
through thick and thin
tigers can't change their stripes
tip of the iceberg
tipping point
tit for tat
tons of
tooth and nail
top of the bill
trick or treat
trump card
tug of war
uncharted territory
to add fuel to the fire
to add insult to injury
to back down
to bail on
to bail out
to balance the books
to bang the drum
to be at war with
to be caught (stuck) in the middle
to be dressed to the nines
to be in bed with
to be in trenches
to be in the dark
to be in the doldrums
to be a mess
to be on board with
to be peppered with
to be up to no good
to bear the brunt
to beat around the bush
to beat swords into ploughshares
to beat to the punch
to beef up
to bite off more than we can chew
to blaze a trail
to blow one's own trumpet
to bottle up
to bow out
to break bread
to break someone's balls
to bring to book
to bust a gut
to butter up
to call it a day
to call the shots
to cast vote
to catch a break
to catch off guard
to catch someone red-handed
to catch the ears
to change hands
to change tack
to chase down
to chase rainbow
to cheat death
to checkmate
to clear of
to cobble together
to come (get) off your high horse
to come across
to come out of the closet
to come together
to come up short
to con out of
to crack down
to cut corners
to cut out
to cut short
to cut the crap
to dawn on someone
to delve into
the devil is in the details
to disappear into thin air
to do 180
to double back
to double down
to draw parallels
to draw to a close
to drive crazy (nuts)
to drive a wedge
to drop in
to drop out
to drop the ball
to dust off
to emerge unscathed
to face
to fall off the wagon
to fan out
to faze
to feel like
to feel sick to your stomach
to feel the pinch
to fill the gap
the final curtain
to flex muscles
to fly off the shelves
to follow in footsteps
to get along with
to get around
to get at the truth
to get away with something
to get even
to get in the way
to get one's way
to get rid of
to get a sense of smth
to get through
to get to grips
to get to the heart of
to get wind of
to gild the lily
to give a leg up
to give a piece of mind
to give somebody a dirty look
to give the creeps
to go back to the drawing board
to go fishing
to go from bad to worse
to go out the window
to go round the bend
to go through the roof
to go up in smoke
to grasp at straws
the great and the good
to hand-pick
to hang in the balance
to have (get) a good mind to
to have a ball
to have bigger fish to fry
to have a bone to pick with someone
to have a few too many
to have a field day
to have fingers crossed
to have guts
to have one's finger in the air
to have someone's ear
to have a wild hair up one's ass
to have your (fair) share of
to hear something on the grapevine
to high-five
to hit the ceiling
to hit the road
to hold one's nerve
to hold the key
to hold your head up high
to hone in on something
to hook up
to join ranks
to join the dots
to join the ranks
to keep an eye on
to keep at bay
to keep eyes peeled
to keep fingers crossed
to keep the books
to keep under wraps
to kick in
to kick off
to kick the tyres
to kiss and tell
to know something like the back of your hand
to know the ropes
to know which side of bread is buttered
to laugh last
to leave no stone unturned
to let somebody down
to lie in state
to live beyond one's means
to live up to
to lock and load
to look before you leap
to look from the other end of the telescope
to lose steam
to make case
to make a dent in
to make a difference
to make ends meet
to make matters worse
to make a mountain out of a molehill
to make one's mark
to make a pass at
to make a show
to make someone tick
to make a splash
to make the case for
to make way
to march to a different drumbeat
to not have a clue
the pen is mightier than the sword
to peter out
to pitch in
to play catch-up
to play a weak hand
to poke fun at
to poke the bear
to pour cold water
to prop up
to pull no punches
to pull off
to pull one's leg
to pull one's punches
to pull out all the stops
to pull your socks up
to put behind
to put bluntly
to put a brave face on
to put down roots
to put hand on the scale
to put out the welcome mat
to put through
to put the cart before the horse
to put up or shut up
to put up with
to put your money where your mouth is
to raise eyebrows
to raise a red flag
to ramp up
to rest one's case
to roll the dice
to round on
to rub shoulders
to run amok
to run out
to run the show
to rush to a judgement
to say the word
to scratch one's head
to sell a lemon
to set foot
to set/start the ball rolling
to shanghai
to show somebody the ropes
to shy away from
to sit on backsides
to sock it to
to speak volumes
to spill the beans
to spin in the grave
to spirit away
to spit it out
to stack the deck
to stand one's ground
to stand out
to stand tall
to stay put
to stop short of
to strike gold
to strut stuff
to swoop on
to take credit
to take down a notch
to take effect
to take for granted
to take heed
to take on
to take something with a grain of salt
to take a stand (against someone or something)
to take a toll
to take the cake
the thing is
to throw in the towel
to throw off
to tie the knot
to tighten the noose
to trump up
to try your hand at something
to tune out
to turn blind eye
to turn in
to the hilt
to veer off
to vote with one's feet
to wade in
to wait in the wings
to walk in one's shoes
to walk through
to wean off
to weigh in
the winning edge
to wrap up
to wreak havoc
to zero in
under lock and key
under the barrel of the gun
under the table
until hell freezes over
up for grabs
up in the air
up to scratch
up the sleeve
up to snuff
up to someone's neck into something
upper hand
ups and downs
urbi et orbi
vantage point
walk of life
water under the bridge
watershed moment
wear and tear
web of influence
what's the beef
when push comes to shove
when the dirt settles
where there's a will there's a way
who helps himself
a whole new ball game
wild goose chase
winds of change
wishful thinking
work cut out
woven into the fabric of
woven into the fabric of (1)
woven into the fabric of (3)
woven into the fabric of (4)
woven into the fabric of (5)
woven into the fabric of (6)
written in blood
written in stone
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