A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets

Никакой лингвистической ценности, кроме одной – весь материал интересен своей философско-эротической направленностью, что позволяет выучить много новых слов и идиом.


Эти слова мир услышал из уст актрисы Глории Стюарт, исполнившей роль главной героини в фильме «Титаник»:

Вероятно, все женщины разделяют эту точку зрения. Сердца мужчин сильно отличаться не должны. Скорее всего, секретов у них в среднем больше. Часто мужчины думают о том, что фантазии и секретная жизнь женщин ограничены тем, что в приведенном ниже диалоге главная героиня назвала “security and commitment”. Причем образовались эти удобные для мужчин качества в результате “millions of years of evolution”. В порыве откровенности главная героиня фильма “Eyes wide shut” произносит ключевую фразу “If you men only knew…”, после чего приводит очень весомые аргументы в пользу своей точки зрения. 

Между речью в этом эпизоде и приведенным ниже транскриптом имеют место незначительные расхождения. Считайте их исправление полезным упражнением. Но смысл диалога интереснее этого занятия. Впрочем, кому не интересно, пусть учат на практике грамматику: “if you only knew”…

Для тех, кто не смотрел весь фильм: муж с женой вернулись с рождественского бала, на котором дамы интересовались мужем, а мужчины – женой. Все было в пределах приличия, но мужу пришлось на некоторое время исчезнуть, чтобы помочь умирающей от передозировки наркотиков девушке (он был доктором). Откровенность супругов, видимо, очень стимулировала марихуана (“pot”).

Если вам неприятна ненормативная лексика, не читайте диалог и не смотрите это видео:

-	Tell me something. Those two girls......at the party last night...Did you......by any chance......happen to......fuck them?
-	What? What are you talking about? 
-	I'm talking about the two girls... ...that you were so blatantly hitting on. 
-	I wasn't hitting on anybody. 
-	Who were they? 
-	They were just a couple of models.
-	And where did you disappear to with them for so long? 
-	Wait a minute. I didn't disappear with anybody. Ziegler wasn't feeling too well... and I got called upstairs to see him. Anyway, who was the guy you were dancing with? 
-	A friend of the Zieglers. 
-	What did he want?  
-	What did he want? Sex...upstairs. Then and there. 
-	Is that all? 
-	Yeah, that was all. 
-	Just wanted to fuck my wife. 
-	That's right. 
-	Well, I guess that's understandable. 
-	Understandable? 
-	Because you are a very...very beautiful woman.  
-	Wait. Because I'm a beautiful woman...the only reason any man ever wants to talk to me...is because he wants to fuck me. Is that what you're saying? 
-	Well, I don't think it's quite that black and white......but I think we both know what men are like. 
-	So on that basis...I should conclude that you wanted to fuck those two models. 
-	There are exceptions. 
-	And what makes you an exception?  
-	What makes me an exception is that...I happen to be in love with you. And because we're married......and because I would never lie to you... ...or hurt you.
-	Do you realize that what you're saying... is that the only reason you wouldn't fuck those models...is out of consideration for me? Not because you really wouldn't want to. 
-	Let's just relax, Alice. This pot is making you aggressive.  
-	No! It's not the pot. It's you! Why can't you ever give me a straight fucking answer? 
-	I was under the impression that's what I was doing. I don't even know what we're arguing about here.
-	I'm not arguing. I'm just trying to find out where you're coming from. Where I'm coming from? Let's say, for example, you have some gorgeous woman......standing in your office naked...and you're feeling her fucking tits. Now, what I want to know...I want to know what you're thinking about when you're squeezing them.
-	Alice, I happen to be a doctor. It's all very impersonal... ...and you know there's always a nurse present.  
-	So when you're feeling tits, it's nothing more than your professionalism? 
-	Exactly. Sex is the last thing on my mind when I'm with a patient. 
-	Now, when she is having her little titties squeezed...do you think she ever has fantasies... about what handsome Dr. Bill's dickie might be like?
-	Come on, I can assure you sex is the last thing...on this fucking hypothetical woman patient's mind. 
-	And what makes you so sure? 
-	If for no better reason... because she's afraid of what I might find. 
-	Ok. So after you tell her that everything's fine, what then? 
-	What then? I don't know, Alice...What then? Women don't...They basically just don't think like that. 
-	Millions of years of evolution, right, right? Men have to stick it every place they can...but for women, it is just about security and commitment......and whatever the fuck else! 
-	A little oversimplified, Alice. But yes, something like that. 
-	If you men only knew.
-	What I do know is you got stoned, you tried to pick a fight...and now you're trying to make me jealous. 
-	But you're not the jealous type, are you? 
-	No, I'm not. 
-	You've never been jealous about me, have you? 
-	No, I haven't. 
-	And why haven't you ever been jealous about me? 
-	Well, I don't know, Alice. Maybe because you're my wife. Maybe because you're the mother of my child... and I know you would never be unfaithful to me. 
-	You are very, very sure of yourself...aren't you? 
-	No. I'm sure of you.
-	 Do you...Do you remember last summer at Cape Cod? Do you remember one night in the dining room...there was this young naval officer...and he was sitting near our table with two other officers? 
-	No. 
-	The waiter brought him a message, at which point he left. Nothing rings a bell?
-	No. 
-	Well... I first saw him that morning in the lobby. He was checking into the hotel... and he was following the bellboy with his luggage...to the elevator. He glanced at me as he walked past. Just a glance. Nothing more. But I could hardly...move. That afternoon...Helena (daughter) went to the movies with her friend... and you and I made love. And we made plans about our future...and we talked about Helena. And yet...at no time...was he ever...out of my mind. And I thought if he wanted me...even if it was only...for one night...I was ready to give up everything. You. Helena. My whole fucking future. Everything. And yet it was weird, because at the same time...you were dearer to me than ever. And at that moment, my love for you...was both...tender and sad. I barely slept that night...and I woke up the next morning in a panic. I didn't know whether I was afraid that he had left...or that he might still be there. But by dinner...I realized he was gone...and I was...relieved.

Очень убедительно, не правда ли? Впрочем, последнее предложение разрушает стройную конструкцию, возвращая все на свои места (”security and commitment”).

Вернемся к секретам Глории Стюарт. О них немного упомянуто здесь.

Эти секреты она унесла в своем сердце, прожив сто лет.

Если вы еще не успели посмотреть фильм “The English Patient”, то обязательно сделайте это в ближайшее время, если изложенное выше не оставило вас безразличными к обсуждаемой теме. Или прочтите одноименную книгу. Вам будет интересно ознакомиться с мнениями зрителей, выложенными на ресурсе “rotten tomatoes”:

-This is a movie about a man who has an affair with a married woman and experiences the consequences. The husband finds out and attempts to kill them and himself; he succeeds in killing himself and fatally wounding his wife. The protagonist in order to keep a promise to the dying adulteress aids the Nazis, thereby facilitating the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Neither of the lovers is a particularly interesting person. The woman has adultery on her mind from the outset, so she's little better than pond scum. The man has schizoid personality disorder and about as much emotion as a toad.

-There have been so many movies in the past 10 years apparently sympathetic to adultery. As far as I'm concerned, adultery is wrong. I like to identify with the protagonist of a story. When he commits adultery it spoils the experience. This movie is a tragedy in the Greek sense: the main character makes a mistake due to a flaw in his character, and this ends up being his downfall. But there's nothing in his personality which prompts us to be sympathetic to or interested in him.

-It seems to me that you are allowing your personal opinions regarding adultery to influence your opinions on the film. So you think adultery is wrong. Well so do I. But I also think that when you are unhappy in a relationship and the person you should have been with all along comes along, there's not a whole lot you can do to control your impulses.

-You see? Adultery is so commonly accepted these days that by criticizing it I'm automatically branded a Jesus freak.

-What matters most is passion.

-This is exactly the sort of attitude that I object to. Passion should always be secondary to morality. It's this glorification of passion above consequences that I don't like about this film.

-The world would be very dull if movies only showed what ought to be. To put passion above all else may very well cause problems, but isn't that "the story that follows the human race"? (to quote Irish singer Fiona Joyce)? Isn't that the story of many compelling films this year?

-Strangely enough, both of the people with whom I saw TEP *are* puritanical, celibate, staunch conservatives born before World War II -- one of them an active evangelical Christian -- and yet they both liked the movie and sympathized with the protagonists.

Начали с женских секретов, закончили мужскими. Вывод: это просто природа homo sapiens. Может, приведенный выше материал и не страдает цельностью, но он вне сомнений предоставляет отличный материал для дискуссий.

Специализируемся на развитии навыков говорения и понимания реальной речи на слух. Используем только оригинальные материалы.